The Region

We define the Region as the State of West Virginia.  Although the LLC intends to emphasize investments within the Region, the LLC may also invest in companies located elsewhere. 

West Virginia Growth Investment, LLC

West Virginia Growth Investment, LLC (the “LLC”), is a new  investment fund formed to pool and invest the capital resources of sophisticated and accredited investors in and around West Virginia (the "Region").  The LLC’s objective is to provide both favorable investment returns to Investors, and to promote small business and economic development in the Region.  

Investing in Mountain State Innovation

Investment Objectives

The LLC’s primary investment focus will be geographic—to invest in small businesses (as defined by the US Small Business Administration) that operate in the Region and demonstrate the potential for suitable return to the LLC’s Members.  The LLC may invest in businesses outside the Region, however the LLC has a willingness to accept more risk on investments being made within the Region. The LLC intends to develop a diversified portfolio of companies in various stages of development.  Furthermore, the LLC does not intend to invest more than 10% of the Company's capitalization into any one company. The West Virginia Growth Investment LLC will not invest in publicly traded companies, or in companies that are associated with (or are directly involved in) activities considered unethical or immoral by its members.