West Virginia Growth Investment LLC invests primarily in small businesses, as defined by the SBA, which demonstrate the potential for growth and a suitable return to the investors. We expect investments will be in early- to mid-stage private companies.  We may also invest in late-stage private companies, and in private companies that are undergoing generational and other ownership transitions. The LLC will attempt to focus its investments within West Virginia but is not restricted from investing in any businesses that the Members deem suitable.

Our Ideal Investment

Preferred Characteristics

Our Process

West Virginia Growth Investment, LLC

Investment Amounts and Expectations

We use an electronic portal “Gust” for all investment applications, and to manage the investment process and beyond.   For our initial review, you only need to provide your executive summary and the answers to the key questions.   Although Gust provides many options for sharing your business plan and related documents, please refrain from doing so on this initial screen.  If we are interested in your business, we will request additional information as needed, and you may be invited to present your investment opportunity at a meeting of our Members.  Your ability to follow directions enhances your chances of review by our screening committee. You will be informed via email of your status and of appropriate next steps.  

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West Virginia Growth Investment, LLC does not intend to invest more than 10% of its capital into any one company inclusive of initial and follow on investments. In addition, the individual members can make side-by-side investments with the West Virginia Growth Investment, LLC.   Should the LLC invest in your business we may refer your opportunity to other angel investors and angel investor groups for co-investment.

West Virginia Growth Investment, LLC expects to achieve favorable investment returns by taking an ownership interest in companies through the purchase of common stock, preferred stock or debt with equity features. Typically these types of investments are priced to provide the investors with a potential for a minimum return of 3 times their investment within 5 years.  Generally, returns will be achieved through the purchase of a minority interest in the business. Investment agreements will include standard industry terms to provide protections for the investors.
  • Relevant management experience in the target industry
  • Unique product or service
  • Understanding of the target market dynamics and competition
  • Accurate historical financial statements, with a preference for companies with annual sales of $500,000 or more
  • Financial forecasts with assumptions that demonstrate business acumen
  • Understanding of the company's future capital needs
  • Ability to articulate an exit strategy for the investors
  • Reasonable valuation expectations